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The main spot is ideal for beginners and intermediate kitesurfers due to its broad beach, waist deep water and the steady side-onshore wind. The seafloor consists of fine sand without any rocks or reef. From May till September, from the

The River Bojana

The river Bojana (Albanian Buna, Latin Barbana) arises from Skadar Lake. It is 44 km long, and by its water amount brought into the sea, it is positioned at the third place on the Mediterranean (after the river Nile in

Old Town

Many conquerors tried to conquer Ulcinj, and many civilizations during the history leaved traces of their period, which made Ulcinj a real mix of civilizations’ treasure like: Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, Slavs, and in the end Turks.

Long Beach

It spreads out from Đerane Cape to Ada Bojana. It is covered with the finest sand (the diameter of a grain is 0.1-5mm); it is estimated that its capacity is 15 000 people. The quality of the sand is high


There is hardly found any restaurant or hotel in Ulcinj and its surrounding that does not offer to the tourists some kind of extra activities from night to night, like mini-concerts, performances of famous singers, various dance and show programmes,